About the game

Cytadela is a conversion of an old Amiga first person shooter. The original was created in mid 1990's by Virtual Design, and released firstly in Poland and then in other countries.

The Citadel is a secret military research base located on a distant planet. After the contact with the base has been lost, a military spaceship has been sent there with a mission to either restore the communication or, if that's impossible, destroy the base. While approaching the planet, the spaceship has been destroyed by the Citadel's defence systems and you, as the only survivor, have no other option but to fulfil the mission on your own - you have to destroy the Citadel. In order to do that you have to penetrate the whole base, find six parts of a bomb and plant it in the Command Centre. Your task is by no means simple - there are hordes of enemies who will try to stop you, and you will have to solve many riddles in order to find your way through the base (find out more about the aim and the gameplay).

As a conversion, this project tries to be as similar to the original as possible (but, what I think is quite obvious, this could not be achieved in 100%) and therefore there won't be any significant changes, only some gameplay improvements are possible.

However, Cytadela is a Free Software, which means if someone would like to modify it somehow, (s)he is free to do so (see the license).