This is a home page of the Cytadela project - a conversion of an Amiga first person shooter. For more information see the About page.


18.01.2013 - Cytadela 1.1.0

Yet another release, but this time it's a new-feature release - the game can now be played in a windowed mode. You can turn on the windowed mode in the graphics options menu.

This new version brings also some bugfixes, among which is a workaround for that very old fog rendering problem on floors and ceilings, which was present on systems with certain OpenGL drivers.

The full list of changes can be found in the Change log.

13.01.2013 - Cytadela 1.0.2

This release fixes a bug in video playback (intro and outro) with libVLC 1.2 (so again a similar story as with previous release). Besides that, the video files have been encoded using WebM format, so the quality is better and the files are smaller.

The full list of changes can be found in the Change log.

30.06.2010 - Cytadela 1.0.1

A "never say never" release - in spite of my claim that I won't release any newer version, I just have.

The libVLC 1.1 has been released. On one side it broke API compatibility with libVLC 1.0.x and video playing code in the game had to be updated (thanks goes to Sylvain Beucler for noticing it and to Tomasz Wiśniewski for updating the code). On the other side it fixed runtime errors on OS X system (in the video playing code) and finally made it possible to release a binary for that system (thanks also goes to Tomasz Wiśniewski).

Another good news is that the game made it into the official Debian repository, thanks to work of Sylvain Beucler, who is the maintainer of the package.

Change log.


05.05.2010 - Cytadela 1.0

Exactly four years after the initial public release, version 0.6, the final version is at last made available.

This version brings just the intro and outro movies and fixes equipment flickering bug present on some 32 bit systems. As always, there is the change log available.

This is the last version I'm publishing - from now on there won't be any improvements or bug fixes from my side. But as you know, the code is available under the GNU GPLv3 license, so it shouldn't be a big deal.


09.07.2009 - Cytadela 0.9 finally released

At last, after several years of development, I can finally announce a fully playable conversion of the great Amiga game, Cytadela! This version, 0.9, brings all the levels of the original version with all in-game features.

Some other notable changes are:

  • the game finally works on big-endian systems (many thanks to Tomasz Wiśniewski for his help with testing the big-endian support)
  • two info screens showing information about in-game controllers, created by Marcin 'Senkal' Sękalski (the screens are displayed before training levels)
  • WASD keys as alternative keys for walking (forward/backward and strafe left/right)

The full list of changes is available in the change log.

As always, the game can be downloaded as a source code and as compiled binaries. However, this time the Debian packages will be available some time later.

The final version, 1.0, will bring just fixes of bugs found in 0.9 and perhaps some minor improvements.

05.05.2009 - Project status update

It has been quite some time now since the last release - almost a year. Therefore I would like to inform you that the new version, which will be fully playable, is comming soon! There are some things left, however, which have to be finished before the release of version 0.9. Among them is a support for big-endian processor architectures, so now it will be possible to play the game on PPC machines (this means PPC Macs, but of course also Amigas:D) and other with big-endian processors.

So be patient and wait a little more;)

20.09.2008 - Cytadela for OS X

Thanks to Tomasz Wiśniewski, OS X users can now enjoy playing the game with out the need of manual compilation! The universal binary (PPC/Intel) he has created can be found in the Download section. It requires OS X in version at least 10.4.

Have fun!

05.07.2008 - Cytadela 0.8: a new, playable version!

At last, after a long time of waiting, you can finally play the game!

The version 0.8 comes with monsters, just waiting for you to chellange them. For now only in the training levels, which you already know from previous versions, but that will make things only a little easier as the enemies are really tough. So, can't wait? Then go to the download page and get it!

The enemies are the most important feature added since the last version, but there are also some other changes - if you are interested in them, see the change log.

And what about the full version, with all the levels? This will come in version 0.9, which will be a release candidate for the final version, 1.0. The version 0.9 will bring all the playability of the original Citadel (which means the regular levels and some related stuff) + some bugs to fix. The version 1.0 is intended as the final version, a full conversion of the original game.

17.01.2008 - A site update

As you may have noticed, the project web site has been updated and it looks a bit different now. I've only rewritten and optimized it's code, so the look differences are minimal.

I forgot to put an information here, but there is a new version of FarEditor available. If you are interested, then go to the Download section, where you can find the source code. On the project's site at you can find a list of changes since the last release.

23.10.2007 - A new version is here!

Good news! The Citadel is getting ready for enemies' arrival, as in the newly released version, 0.7, the player at last can make use of his weapons! You can see their destructive power already, as some objects in the game are destroyable, so don't wait any longer and download the newest version!

There is another good news for all those who speak French - thanks to Patrick David you can enjoy the game in your native language! Moreover, Patrick has also translated the documentation (the translated versions of the documentation are available along with the game).

And one more thing. Some of you already know that the Free Software Foundation has finally published the third version of their GNU General Public License. I also haven't missed the fact and the version 0.7 of the game is distributed under this new license.

If you would like to know more about what has been changed since the last release of the game, see the change log.

Wait - I almost forgot. Recently I've published FarEditor - a program for creating and editing .far files. It is available in the download section. For now there is only a source code (you need GTK+ v2.8 development libraries in order to compile it). If I find some time maybe I'll create a binary version.

13.03.2007 - Debian packages at last available

The Debian packages for i386 and AMD64 architectures are now available for downloading.

06.02.2007 - New release - 0.6.3

This is the last release of the 0.6 version. It means that now I will focus on adding more playability-essential features to the game. At first I will add weapons' interaction with the scene and other objects (version 0.7). After that it will be possible to add the enemies and make the game finally playable.

Release 0.6.3 has minor improvements and finishes development of all features that have been under development so far - finally there is in-game sound and the game saves it's configuration to a file. Please refer to the change log for full list of changes.

There is one more important thing in the new release - because of some texture-related 3D engine improvements the game's requirements for OpenGL driver's version have changed. Please read the software requirements for details.

07.01.2007 - At last a new release - 0.6.2!

Unfortunately this isn't yet the playable release that everybody is waiting for... But there are some important changes worth trying out;) For those who wanted the player to move faster I have added an ability to change the game's speed (Options➙Game Speed). There is also a new translation made by Josef Korous for all the Czech speeking players out there.

To read more about the new release (other new features, changes, bugfixes) go to the download page.

28.07.2006 - Cytadela 0.6.1 released!

The new release adds a localization system and two translations: English and German. The original Citadel was translated to those languages and the translations in the new release are based on those original translations. The localization system allows adding new translations by creating a localization file. For more information on adding localizations go to the Development page.

There is also a configuration and information screen added at the startup of the game. You can choose the localization there. You can also find out about OpenGL driver that is installed in Your system. The game checks for the driver's version and if the version is not sufficient, the game won't run.

To get the latest files go to the Download page.


Added a binary AMD64 .deb package with 0.6 version.


I have reconfigured the project's site so it is now easier to move around it and use it - I've removed unnecessary things and made the forums accessible for anonymous (not logged in) users!

I have also corrected this web site in order to make it compatible with the internet explorer web browsers - all lists (eg. in the documentation - the table of contents, software requirements, etc.) were not beeing displayed in those browsers (as far as I know in 5.0 and 6.0 versions of i.e.). Now they should be displayed properly (there were no problems with other browsers, eg. Firefox, Opera, Konqueror).


Added a binary i386 .deb package with 0.6 version.

14.05.2006 - IMPORTANT!

A source package was buggy and was removed from the server (I have accidentaly deleted some file in that package). It is replaced by It is my mistake, not Kamil's who have created original package which I've modiffied. Sorry for that!

14.05.2006 - A new source package and binary .rpm are available!

In the new version of source package ( a standard "./configure, make, make install" scripts created by Kamil Pawłowski are added. Now it is a lot easier to compile the project from the sources on UNIX-like systems.

This is not a new release and there are no other changes made to the project, so there is no new win32 binary package available.

08.05.2006 - The home page is at last completed!

The help and development pages are now available.


Actualization of the home page (download, documentation, screenshots). Although the site is still under construction.

05.05.2006 - Cytdadela 0.6 released!

This is the first official release of the Citadel project. As the project is still under development there is not much to do in the Citadel - for now you can only walk through the training levels, collect items and use them.

The files for downloading can be found in the Download section. This version is available only in Polish, but in the documentation you can find a description of the in-game menu and the gameplay in English. The English localization will be added in the next version.

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